Class Prices


All passes are available online when you book your class. Alternatively, see us at the studio 15 minutes before your class and we can arrange your pass or class purchase for you with card or cash. You can attend any yoga class on the timetable with any teacher using the 6 class pass and unlimited monthly pass, excluding the Pre-Natal and Mums & Bubs courses, Kids Yoga, and the meditation classes (which all have different price points).

Please note that there are no freezes on class passes.

If you can’t make your booking, please cancel 2 hours before so you can re-book for a more appropriate time. If you do not cancel within 2 hours, you will forfeit your class credit.

For students on the unlimited monthly pass, please respect the our teachers and the other students at our studio by honouring your bookings. If several classes are cancelled or unattended, we will ask you to pay a casual attendance. We suggest booking in your class the day before to ensure you can make it. Thank you for understanding and respecting our studio policy.


Concession Prices


**A valid concessional ID includes 65 years+ Centrelink Health Benefits card and a university student card. If you are unable to show your teacher a valid ID, you will be charged the full price for your class pass purchase.

**A concession drop-in can be purchased at the studio


Gift Vouchers


What better gift to give your friends and family than a gift card to practice at our boutique studio? Gift cards can be used for all classes and courses on our timetable, excluding workshops and events.


Class Descriptions


Please be aware that yoga can be a dynamic physical practice. We recommend consulting with your GP before commencing yoga if you have any injuries, have had surgery in the last 12 months, or are pregnant.


Ashtanga yoga is taught as a set sequence of asanas (postures), synchronised with the movement of the body (vinyasa) and conscious breathing (ujayi) as part of the Primary Sequence of Ashtanga Yoga. The asanas are designed in a specific order to open, align and detoxify the body and nervous system. You will develop greater physical strength, flexibility and mental clarity through this practice. Expect to get hot and sweaty! Please bring a towel.



An introduction to the foundations of Hatha Yoga for students new to yoga, or if you are returning to your practice. This class will teach you standing postures and correct alignment, breathing techniques to quiet and calm the mind, and will close with a guided relaxation/meditation.



This is a Hatha Yoga class, focused on asana (posture), which will develop and deepen your understanding of the fundamentals to you presented to you in Beginners Yoga while you learn to incorporate inversions and back bending poses to your practice. Some yoga experience is required and casuals are welcome.


We develop upon the Primary Sequence of Ashtanga Yoga as introduced in the Beginners Ashtanga class. This class is for students with Ashtanga experience. Please bring a towel as you will get quite hot and sweaty.



This hatha class is an introduction to cultivating an advanced asana practice including arm stands, inversions and challenging balance postures. The class takes a workshop form with plenty of time for guidance, corrections and deep somatic (body) meditation. The aim is to open the doors to your physical and mental potential by increasing your flexibility, challenging your strength and bringing conscious awareness to the places in your body where limitations are met, accepted, breathed through, embraced and eventually shifted. Suitable for yogis with an intermediate level of asana practice and for yoga teachers of all hatha traditions that wish to go to a new and exciting place with their physical and mental practice.



The class is a general fitness and wellbeing class. It is all about creating a strong, flexible body and improving your energy levels. The sequences focus on improving core stability, overall body strength, and improving your range of motion. All poses are linked with yogic breathing practices to balance the nervous system and leave you feeling energised. This class is open to all ages and levels of experience.



Yin yoga is a slower paced, deep stretch practice that combines floor poses with mindful meditation to open the body and calm the mind. Poses are held for longer periods of time in order to go beyond the muscular layer and to access the deeper structural layer of the body, including the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. By placing the tissue under a controlled amount of duress, yin gives you greater freedom of movement and an overall sense of ease.



This Yin/Yang class combines a flowing movement practice (otherwise known as Vinyasa) with the slow benefits of yin yoga. Yang yoga is typically about building strength, power and stability in the body, while Yin yoga is designed to slow down and close your practice by holding postures longer to elongate deep-set tissues in your body, nurture your mind and calm our heart. This class is suitable for all levels of experience.



Kundalini Yoga is a science which works on the 7 chakras, the arcline and the aura (the 8th chakra). You will learn how to ride the wave of your energy through the ups and downs of life, to experience it and go through any situation with balance. It goes straight to your heart and opens you up to more awareness of yourself and others. It releases your creative potential so you can radiate it day in and day out.



Bring peace to your mind. Bring peace to your past. Bring peace into your relationships.
Peace is 100% yours the moment you bring yoga into your life. Shanti (meaning ‘peace’) yoga is gentle and slow paced to be available to those who are new to yoga, those with physical restrictions and those wishing to have a mindful practice to help de-stress. Leave your fears and sorrows at the door and step onto your mat for a new journey.



Kids benefit from exploring emotional empowerment yoga and taking the learnt tools home so they can feel more joy in relationship with themselves, their parents and peers. Interweaving story, song, games, asana, and mindfulness, this co-creative 50 minute class is a fun and age appropriate multi-sensory experience!



**By cash donation

Meditation Sit: Learn the science of stilling the fluctuations of the mind. No previous experience is required. Come share the space and be still for 30 minute. It’s the best way to start your day.

Contemplative Meditation Class: Guided 45 minute contemplative meditation to assist in bringing the mind into the heart, letting go of thoughts, with the simple intent of communing with a higher power, receiving love to be love. Practices will include Centering Prayer, Breathe Prayer and other spiritual disciplines. Format is loosely 15 minutes of introduction, 20 minutes of guided meditation, 10 minutes of group reflection.